New Trial License Key for 10.5 - After 31st Oct

Hi Team,
As we are coming to an end for 10.5 Trial License(31st Oct) , do we have new license already updated at any location so that we can continue using it ? I am not sure we have any new version published yet. Please suggest as how can we continue beyond 31st Oct ?

Hi Saurav,

Which specific product and license file are you referring to?


Integration Server and Active Transfer Server(MFT)

Thanks Saurav. From where did you get those license files from is what I am referring to.


@Kalpesh_Shah1 : When We download the 10.5 Trial version then we get the license file as well. Same is valid until 31st Oct. In general, we got an option to upgrade to next trial version(which might be 10.7) but since that’s not available yet, I was trying to understand the way where I can continue using 10.5 beyond 31st Oct.
Kindly, let me know in case if additional clarification is required.

Hi Kumar,
I just sent you a link via email.

In case anyone else has the same issue please send us a PM to and we’ll assist you.

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Thanks Toni. That gives us flexibility to use the license until 30th Nov.

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Hi @Kumar_Saurav2,

You can download an extended license (expiration date April 30, 2021) from here webMethods Integration Free Trial download