netscape crashes with bus error

Hi everyone!
I installed tamino on RedHat 7.2 right in the way described in the documentation, and everything seems to work fine, except of the tamino manager itself: it crashes quite often ( mostly after not having used it for some minutes ). I am using Netscape Version 4.79 which then present the error message:
…/ line 11: 6940 Bus-Zugriffsfehler (translation:bus error?) netscape http://localhost:9991/smh/login.htm
When restarting, everything is ok and all changes made are still to be found, but nevertheless, this is quite an annoying situation.
Can someone help me with that problem?


seems the session timeout (it is set to 900 s by default) causes the error. Checked this with netscape 4.78 on Redhat 7.2 (kernel 2.4.9) and tamino 3113 and received a session timeout after some minutes of non-activity (as expected). No crash.

What tamin and Redhat kernel version is installed on your machine?


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Hi Gudrun,

I am using Tamino v3113 as well and kernel 2.4.7-10.
I was told that the error that occurred unfortunately seems to happen quite often with netscape, and the error message is not quite useful, I suppose, but I can give you the exact system calls that happened before the crash (they are evaluated with strace) :

write(24, “\372”, 1) = 1
read(6, “\372”, 1) = 1
— SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) —
getpid() = 10668
kill(10668, SIGBUS) = 0
— SIGBUS (Bus error) —
+++ killed by SIGBUS +++
I also tried to use other browsers, such as konqueror, opera and mozilla. While in opera and konqueror, it is possible to use a netscape identifier so that tamino does not prompt an error message (but nevertheless, they fail working together with tamino), this does not seem available for mozilla :frowning: which perhaps could work because it shares its source with netscape.
Hm, what can I do now?


this problem only occurs when Netscape 4.79 (seems to be buggy) is used. So you should better use 4.78.


Hello everyone,

Netscape 4.78 from SuSE 7.x also gave me lots of crashes. However, when going back to Netscape 4.72 everything runs smoothly!
Hopefully the port to Netscape 6.x or Mozilla 1.x will be available soon…

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D