Bug 5 in Tamino


My software is:
Tamino (with HotFix)
Internet Explorer 6.0 (Netscape 7.0)
Windows 2000 Professional with SP3

Unfortunately it is a very serious bug in Tamino Manager:
Register CD Database

I need to define:
- Enter full path of the database information file:
- Path for temporary files:

Unfortunately, when I chose “Browse…” button I got the following error message dialog in my Internet Explorer 6.0 (the same error appeared in Netscape 7.0) browser:
“Assertion failed: option.text missing
*** Stacktrace disabled ***”

Any help will be appreciated.

In advance, thanks a lot!

best regards,
Dariusz Baumann

Hello Dariusz,

I think that all the bugs you have reported are somehow related.

Do you only have Tamino installed on the system, or are there older versions too?
Which additional components do you have installed: the latest WebDAV Server, WebServerless API, and so on?


I have ONLY new Tamino 4.1 installed on my computer.

In Control Panel, I have got the following installed applications:

1. Software AG Base Technology, ver.
2. Software AG Extended Transport Service, ver.
3. Software AG HTTP Client API for ActiveX, ver.
4. Software AG HTTP Client API for JAVA, ver.
5. Software AG HTTP Client API for JScript, ver.
6. Software AG System Management Hub, ver.
7. Software AG Tamino, ver.
8. Software AG Tamino API for .NET, ver.
9. Software AG Tamino API for Java, ver.
10. Software AG Tamino Schema Tools, ver.
11. Software AG Tamino SQL, ver.
12. Software AG Tamino WebDAV Server, ver.
13. Software AG Tamino X-Plorer, ver.
14. Software AG Universal Transaction Platform, ver.

So, what is it the solution for solving this problem?

best regards,
Dariusz Baumann


Although this happens in a different part of the Tamino management, this is still using the common browse functionality. So I believe that this problem will have exactly the same cause of the problem you are having in your thread "Bug in Tamino"

Andrew Hodgetts.
Software AG(UK)

please have a look at my reply