.Net client for webMethods service

Has anyone been able to build a .net consumer of a webMethods service? I tried the things in http://evals.webmethods.com/cgi-bin/evals/ev_main.jsp?w=0&s=32226094;450&targChanId;d=-536882196&faqId=5368;889686

but no luck. When I “add a web reference” in Visual Studio.Net, the tool fails to recognize that there’s a service there even tho it shows the correct WSDL.

I also had problems generating stubs using Sun’s jax-rpc, it complained about the WSDL format.

I have had no problems with creating a .Net client based upon a webMethods IS WSDL.

Where can I get IS SP2?

I only have IS SP1 and sp1_fix_49 available to download as part of my eval copy.

I do have SP2 for WM Developer.