webMethods add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Hi WmUsers,
Having issues while installing “webMethods add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET” in Visual studio 2008 sp1.

Downloaded and installed webMethodsAddInSetup2008.msi on my local machine. Now I can see “webMethods add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET” option under Tools tab in VisualStudio 2008.
But when I click on “webMethods add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET” it pops message “Info(toString):System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException” blah… blah… and then another pop up
“error: Invalid class string (Exception from HRESULT:0x800401F3(CO_E_CLASSSTRING)”.
Attached the screen shots of the error messages

Any suggestions on how to get around this?

My goal is to generate C# client code to invoke flow service on IS

IS version 8.2
Microsoft Package Version


I can’t help with your query directly but might I suggest you consider a different approach where the C# app calls the a service on IS using SOAP or POX over HTTP post. That will be more familiar for other C# developers and won’t tie you to a proprietary communication path.

Thanks for the response Reamon.
Do you mean to expose the IS service as webservice and call it using SOAP over HTTP?
But the requirement is to pass ‘serviceName’ as input parameter to the C# executable/code, and based on the input parameter the IS service should be invoked. I can not expose each service on IS as a different webservice.

We have a 3rd party tool (controlM) on which the Jobs are scheduled. For ex below is the scenario where the steps are to be executed in order.
Step1 - ControlM executes JobA until completion on webmethods, then
Step2 - ControlM executes JobB until completion on a system other than webmethods , then
Step3 - ControlM executes JobC until completion on webmethods,
Please let me know if it is not clear

Exposing each service as a web service is but one option.

Another, which should fit your plan to invoke things from Control-M, is to call using http post or get.

A service can be called via HTTP using an URL like:


Depending upon the inputs accepted by the IS service you can use get or post. If post is used be sure to set the appropriate content-type. The XML Services Developer’s and Flat File Schema Devloper’s guides touch on how to do posts.

Not sure how exactly the Control-M works. But definitely sounds like an option. Even in this case there needs to be a logic implemented to dynamically generate the http urls

The client here is .Net shop so at some point I will need to figure the issue with plug in too.

Thanks again for your help

From where can we download webMethods for Microsoft Plug-in? Is it on the SAG website or Microsoft.?

I want to write dot net libraries using webmethods. Can someone help to get the required files downloaded to write dot net code using webmethods ?