wM Web Service loaded as a .Net Web Refernce?

I’ve created a Web Service in wM 6.1 using the default SOAP processor and have generated the WSDL for it. I can succesfully use that WSDL in wM to create a Web Service Connector in order to test the service.

The client is using Visual Studio and we are not able to load the WSDL as a Web Refernce. Has anyone been able to add a wM Web Service as a Web Reference in Visual Studio?

  • Jason

Yes this has been done by many of us. What kind of error are you getting when you try and load the web reference?

As a side note, you will see from other posts here, using the webMethods IS IDE to generate WSDL is not a best practice. Do your WSDL and schema first outside of webMethods. Then design your interface around the spec.

I agree with Mark about not using the Developer’s WSDL generator. That said, it will occasionally and accidently create a WSDL that will work. :slight_smile:

Any of the web services testing tools (CrossCheck’s SOAPSonar, Parasoft’s SOATest, iTKO’s LISA, XML Spy Enterprise, etc.) will read a WSDL and tell you if its valid. If the generated WSDL passes validity and WS-I interoperability tests, they you are probably safe to send it to a client.

Understand, however, that the generated WSDL will only contain one operation which is extremely limiting for describing Web Services (caps intentional) that contain multiple operations.


I followed everyone’s advice and created a WSDL by hand instead of using the one that wM generated.

We still aren’t able to get Visual Studio to create a 100% working Web Reference but I think that’s do to UDDI and not the WSDL.