NaturalONE Web Services and usage with Visual Studio C# code as Service Reference

I’m curious if there is a walk through or if anyone has some sample code on how to utilize Web Services that are deployed via NaturalONE and used in Visual Studio as a Service Reference.

We currently have this working as a Visual Studio Web Reference, but we would like to implement as a Service Reference. It can be added, but warnings are thrown and no code is exposed when trying to use the Service Reference. When looking at how the WSDL is generated, it is only generating HTTP and HTTPS transports from NatrualONE. Trying to deploy under TCP or JMS transports throws the following error:

"Error deploying service(s). Service [] is trying to expose in a transport: tcp and which is not available in Axis2.

According to Axis2 documentation, TCP transport is allowed (Axis2 Transports -).

Is there a way to generate the WSDL as a (working) Service Reference to be used in Visual Studio? Or is there another approach that I need / can take altogether?