Microsoft.NET wsdl.exe tool does not work with wsdl generate


I have read the messages regarding interoperability of .NET client with WebMethods WebServices. I understand that the Developer can generate a C# client which requires me to install a Microsoft .NET Package for WebMethods onto a client machine which I really would like to avoid because I think the tool from Microsoft should be enough.

Here is my problem: I created a hello world type webmethods WebService and generated a wsdl using the Developer. I then try to use the wsdl.exe tool from Microsoft to create a proxy. I was able to compile without any complaints. But when I run the client, it does not work!!! Since this is such a trivial problem, I don’t think it is worthwhile to show the ugly error messages. Can someone be kind enough to tell me your experience or could you please point me to an example with sample code I can download and test?




I’m having the same problem.