How to invoke wM 6 Integration Server from external application

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Currently my client has a Portal(Corrilian) running on Windows 2000 Server platform. The client also has webMethods 6.0 installed on a Windows 2000 platform. My question is, are there ways of how can the portal invoke and IS service?

I have basically developed a DCOM object, where the server program will be installed in IS and the client program will be installed in the portal?

But I was thinking is there, anything like a webServices client that I could install onto the portal which the portal can call, which then will invoke a webservices within IS??

If anyone has any ideas, please advise.

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There are three ways to do that.

  1. Use Direct HTTP http://host:port/invoke/ISService
  2. Use WSDL stub use Developer to build the WSDL connector
  3. Use webMethods.dll to do a dll call (not good idea)

There are many options:

  1. If the Portal can perform an HTTP POST, you can format simple parameters in the URL.

  2. If the Portal has an FTP client, you can format the parmaters as a file and FTP it to an IS FTP Listener.

  3. If the Portal can call a 3rd party Java class, you can use Developer to generate the client code for calling any IS service. Modify this generated code to contain/pass the correct parameters. The generated code required the client.jar shipped with IS.

  4. If the Portal can make SOAP calls, then it probably would have it’s own client generator given a WSDL file. You can generate a WSDL file for any IS service using Developer or the WmWSTools package. If the Portal cannot make SOAP calls, you can use the webMethods Glue product as the SOAP client. There is a free eval version of webMethods Glue on the webMethods web site.

  5. If the Portal can send emails, you can have an email Listener on IS polls an email server for the call.


One more option (as if those weren’t enough):

Since Corillian is a very Microsoft-centric Financial Services Portal it may support invoking methods in .NET assemblies. If so, the following may be a good option.

When the WmDotNet package is released later this month (Jan 2004) use it’s Visual Studio .NET plug-in to browse for and choose a service in the webMethods Integration Server and then generate the .Net code in your Visual Studio language of choice (C#, VB, etc.) to invoke that service. Use whatever hooks Corillian provides to invoke the resulting assembly.
You guys on the WmDotNet team, chime in if I got that wrong!


Thanks guys for all the options. Bottom line is that this is a real-time invoke which is required.


I have a service running on default port(5555) and I generated a wsdl file for the service and I used wsdl2java to generate the required interfaces and classes.
I created my own custom client and taht client calls the bind method of the class *ServiceHelper and this bind method returns the *PortType using which we can invoke our services running on IntegrationServer. But I am getting an exception
SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message

can anyone of you help me??

Thanks in advance for your replying back

see my post in the thread

Hi there, anyone has any idea on how to use developer to create a DCOM client for another Windows application. Basically I am trying to create IS as a DCOM server, and the client component will be installed in another server. Any suggestion or advise on how to go about this?


Uh, don’t.

Why, oh, why would you want IS (written in Java) to be a DCOM server?

Seriously, I assume your “client” server is something that only understands Microsoft DCOM. With the possible exception of the webMethods Microsoft Package, I don’t think there is a way to turn IS into a DCOM server.

Are you still working with Corrillian? Did you find out anything more about their capabilities?


Well Mark, I understand that IS is a purely Java platform. And DCOM is a Microsoft platform. But the problem is I need to establish a common ground of communication for this Banking solution which is a Microsoft Platform running on Windows NT 4.0. So, the platform isnt .NET yet which limits my communications.

There for, I need to write a Server object and also a Client object. The Server object, which I used the Developer to generate a VB client Service. And the a Client object to invoke this Server object. that is my plan. And this Client object will be provided to the vendor who owns the Banking solution.

This is basically what is my project all about. Which currently am having some difficulty.


One way I could think of is to use the client code generated with Developer. Modify it to become a “DCOM server” to accept the necessary parameters. The corresponding “DCOM client” can then be easily created as well. The Portal can then use the “DCOM client” which can call the “DCOM server” which sits on the same machine as IS.

Just my two cents.