Need to Administer without Developer ACL

IS 7.1.2 with most necessary fixes., JDBC, Oracle Apps Adapters. Use both Local/Broker Triggers and JMS Triggers.

For security reasons, I need to setup 3 users to have only the Administrator ACL. Using Central User Management (MWS), I have setup the users and have put them into their own group “SysOpsAdministrators.” From IS Admin, I associate this system/SysOpsAdministrators group to the Administrator ACL. The user can open up the web-based IS Admin and do several Administrator functions, but it cannot manage Adapters or JMS/Local/Broker Trigger Management – two functions I need them to do. The only way I can provide access to these functions is to assign the group to the Developer ACL as well. Unfortunately, this provides the users with access to the Developer tool, which is the security risk I am trying to avoid. As Administrator, I can’t seem to change the ACLs on the Adapter package lowest-level folder. In fact, I see it uses an ACL call WmPrivate, so I assume that this cannot be modified by customers.

Does anyone have any idea how I can give my users full Administrative access without giving them Developer access too?

H Myles,

Where you want to manage JMS/Local/Broker Trigger Management, form MWS Administrator console or IS Admin console, if u want to manage JMS/Local/Broker Trigger Management in MWS Admin console than in Applications>Administration>system-wide>Permission management clcik on next and click on My Webmethods Adminsitrators Permissions and select Grant the Message Tree of Broker servers Tree, Broker territory, Naming Directory,settings,log and if ur broker in cluster select Grant the Broker Cluster.

Anil Kumar ellendula