ESB MWS Central User and ACL on IS - To Run Deployer.bat Command Line

The Approach I am trying to work with is:

  1. I have a Build Tool - TeamCity -using this tool, There are Steps for Deployment those can be run.
  2. Use the Username and password to run the Deployer.bat file from the script (Windows OS) and this script can be added as an execution step. But here as of now, Administrator user is being used.
  3. Here on #2, need to change the Administrator user to some other user like custom user created on MWS and It is associated with ACL on IS level. But getting access denied with script as below:
D:\...\Deployer.bat --deploy -dc DepCand -project %PrjName% -host %ISHost% -port %port% -user %user% -pwd %pass% -force -reportFilePath D:\reportPath

When passed the Administrator user here, it works. But as a need of the requirement given to change this Administrator user to a custom user, which user have access to run the Deployer.bat and also the same can be added in the as User, Pass and the specific ACL created for the same.

I have created one user on MWS, assigned a Group and that Group is added under Deployer Admin ACL on IS. But this is not working and giving the error as below.

Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied

Please suggest some better solution for the same.

Check these -

  1. Perhaps it’s not about the script execution privileges, but the TARGET server is rejecting the deployment request. Check the user that you have configured under “Remote Servers” list for your target server node
  2. If #1 is not an issue, then add your custom user to “Administrators” ACL and try, so we can narrow down the root cause


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