Need navigation like Administraton and Monitoring

Hi ,

I have created custom portlets for my application and placed under one folder in system → My webmethods applications → fabric tasks. I was able to access them under navigation as single folder. I want these looks like Monitoring → Business or like Administration having sub links, like expandable on clicking. I was not able to set right properties to acheive this even though i had given same properties like Main as Web Page and Portal Page as Default… Can any one guide me to get configure this?


You can make use of the properties “Is Task Folder:” and “Is Openable:” to achieve the same.
To see these properties , go to fabric tasks–>your page–>properties
For example , for monitoring page “Is Task Folder:” is selected. Business page is inside monitoring and “Is Task Folder:” is selected. PROCESS INSTANCES is inside Business and both “Is Task Folder:” and “Is Openable:” are selected

Hi mja4wm,

Thanks for the guidance. It worked perfect for me.