migrate old CAF from 7.1 to 8.2

Hi everybody,

we are currently migrating from 7.1 to 8.2 and now we found out that there is one feature which we forgot to migrate (or maybe just install)…
There is a portlet made for MWS, which we had in 7.1. Nobody in our team know anything abut portlets in MWS, but we somehow managed to get the portlet into public folders with name “UnifiedView”, so now http://localhost:8585/UnifiedView link works and is pointing to the correct portlet.

Problem is that in 7.1 the portlet was accessible from the drop down menu where Home, Monitoring and Administration pages were also accessible. In 8.2 we are not able to access this page just by clicking some link (as part of MWS), instead we need to open the link http://localhost:8585/UnifiedView

BTW. do you know if service ws.monitor.process.instance:getListWrapped can be replace by any other existing WM service as that one we used in that portlet, but it doesn;t exist in 8.2 anymore?

Do you have any idea what did we miss?
Thank you.


In 8+ versions, you will need to create a page “UnifiedView” under fabric tasks. Then go to the properties of the page and make it “isTaskFolder” and “isOpenable”. You will find fabric taks under Folers–>My webmethods applications. Login using sysadmin’

after this, go to Permissions Management (using admin login) and select My webmethods application and give a role/group the required access to the newlyy create page

Thank you, i have been looking for the solution for almost a day and the only thing missing was “isTaskFolder” :slight_smile:
I’m so happy that it works now. :mrgreen: