Fabric Tasks in Webmethods applications

I’m using noodle custom shell with leftnav. Is it possible to create a link under My webmethods applications --> fabric tasks (display in the leftnav) that opens a new windows browser on external site ? The only way I found now is to put link in a fabric folder and set fabric folder properties Ïs task folder and Is openable. But with this manner the user need to click twice to open external link (click on fabric folder to display link and than click on the link to open the new browser). I need one click solution. Thanks.

You need to create a page that opens a portlet. Put in the portlet one script block that opens the new window.

Script block takes the url from a control:

var linkId = CAF.model("#{activePageBean.clientIds['htmlOutputLink']}");

leftVal = 0;
topVal = 0;

newWin = open(linkId.getValue(),"wexWindow",'width=1136,height=868,left='+leftVal+',top='+topVal+',scrollbars=no,menubar=nolocation=no,toolbar=no');

Hope this help.