HREF problem


i would like to call from a NATPAGE (from an icon, i.e.) an external link in order to start another web application.
To do this, i’ve inserted into my natpage an IHTML components, filling it with the following code:

the link is a test and is a very simple to an italian portal.
The icon is well rendered so all seem working fine but … if i try to click on it i get a 404 error. The link in the page source is fine but when i step above the link with the mouse, instead of seeing “” i see “http://localhost:8080/cisnatural/MainMenu/
it seem like the system set my application context root before my link automatically … but why should do this?
am i wrong in something?

Thanks and best regards
Diego Gazzo


You can try…

and in the <head, create a javascript function:

	function openNew(){"http://Youre URL.html", "_self");



I can’t reproduce this, works just fine for me.

Which version of ONE are you using ?

How does this render when you “deploy” that page to a NJX server and
execute the program from there instead of within NaturalONE ?

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