Execute Application outside IDE


we developed an operational Natural Application with the SAG-Designer.
It contains our own main Program, Page-Layouts, Adapters, Subroutines, Data-Areas etc.
It’s more or less an extension of the HelloWorld Application.
The Program is executable via Contextmenu (NaturalONE > Execute).
When we use the preference option “Start in external web-browser” it also works as intended.

Our actual problem is:

What do we have to do to call the program from a URL without executing it in the IDE?

We expect this should be possible using the internal Tomcat and the internal Natural Runtime.

We are using NaturalONE CE 8.2.4

Yours Sincerly,
Daniel Rowlin

The “internal Tomcat” is nothing but an instance of a Natural for Ajax server, and this (Natural for Ajax) is also the target for deployment.

Please have a look at the Natural for Ajax section of the NaturalONE documentation.

We’ve set up a completely separate Installation of Tomcat. We deployed the created .WAR-File, using the preconfigured webconfig-Files, as the documentation suggests.

Our problem remains that:

  • We can load start.html.
  • We get the Logon-Page.
  • We always get a Logon Error. :frowning:

Which URL-Parameters are needed to connect to the local Natural environment and execute the Program, which should grant us access to those functions? We can’t find any further information about that in the SAG Product Documentation.

Do you think the documentation is complete in this respect? :slight_smile:


What logon error do you get ?

What you will need to do is define an initial program in the session definition.