Navigation using Extened Porlet URL control


Can anyone provide me the detailed procedure how to use the Extended Portlet URL control? I have gone through this forum, unfortunately i am unable to follow some of the threads. Confused :-). Please note that i MUST use Extended Portlet control for some reason

Case 1: Navigation + param passing with in a Portlet

I have a Portlet A. Portlet A has Default.view and target.view. I want to navigate from Default.view to target.view. I have some controls on Default.view so that values need to be passed to target.view as well.

Case 2: Navigation + param passing between two Portlets

I have Portlet A and B. The navigation + parameters passing should be done between Portlet A’s Default.view and Porlet B’s Default.view.

Please provide me the steps to achive this…Thanks in advance

if I understood correctly, you have a portlet (Portlet A) with two views (Default and target). You don’t need to use the Extended Portlet Url control to navigate from one view to the other. You can use the “normal” navigation mechanism to do that.
If the information (parameters) that you want to pass to the target view is contained in a Managed Bean, you could add a reference to this Managed Bean in the target view, which give you direct access to it.
I hope this is clear enough and helpful for you.
Best regards