Need help on Entirex Adaper- not receiving any response from Natural


I created a Webmethod flow service in which it is picking EDI850 file through file polling port and sending to Natural program through EntireX adapter to load data into Adabas files .

It is working totally fine in my Development and QA regions and data is sending correctly to Natural, receiving response from Natural and loading data successfully

But the same code is not working correctly in the production. I see the data is sending correctly in webmethods, but not receiving any response from Natural through Adapter service.

I think somehow Adapter service is not set correctly in Production.

Due to not receiving any response from natural, it is not going inside the branch step in which it will check True/False response.
but directly it’s going to end of the flow service and data is not loaded into adabas.

When I see the Server log in the integration server it is giving as

[6924]2020-04-28 12:04:07 CDT [ADA.0800.0502I] WmEntireX: NBC_FollettEDI:BFLIN850 execution ended, time=1ms, status=java.lang.NullPointerException

code screen shot is attached.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know you need any more details.

Thank you

Hi Marty,
we will need to analyze the NullPointerException. Please open a support ticket for the issue.