Natural Call to Stub Program

Good morning,
I am a new Natural programmer attempting to write a Natural program that calls a Stub generated using SYSRPC. The Stub program sends data through EntireX to a Web Service running Corticon business rules software.

I have been told by my web team that the data is getting to Coticon and is being returned to my Stub through EntireX successfully. When the Stub tries to return to my calling program I get the following error:

“NAT6977 Internal error on Server, reason 20000077 XML Runtime Exception 2000 00”.

Previously, I had been told that I had a mismatch between my data, either in length or format. I’ve checked and had others check and the data seems to be correct.

When I do a variables display using the test function, I get several invalid data errors on fields that are not part of my code: CB_OFF_ERXB, CB_OFF_LOGB, CB_OFF_SECB and CB_DYNTLEN. These all came back with spaces when they are numeric fields.

Could someone please give me some hints as to what I need to do to find the actual problem and how to resolve it?


Hello Danny,

the error 20000077 is described here:

So this is not a problem on the Natural RPC client side. The problem is that the data returned by the web service does not correspond to the definition(s) in the XMM mapping file which is used by the EntireX XML/SOAP RPC Server.