Need a DSP page to handle a config file

Hi All,

I’m in need of a DSP page which will allow me to handle a config or app.props file from the DSP page. Any idea how this can be achieved?

First you build the IS Services needed to do you work. Then you build the GUI for it as DSP.

Most easy case:
Allow input Parameter of filename and content from DSP.
Then your service use that filename to write the content of the Edit box into the file.

Edit existing files.
Then you need service that accept the file name and give back the content to be edited in DSP.
Once edited take the same service as in the easy case to write the new content (attention this is not thread safe by default, so parallel work, the last ones wins).

Beyond that you can make it any more complex and comfortable.

Hint: Make sure you enabled the file system write permissions for the folders to store your files within WmRoot package.

The I need to make an entry into my env.props file from DSP page. Similary any modification like add/delete etc.

I’m trying to create a DSP page with a service which has two inputs Input 1 and Input 2. Now I want to pass the values to my service with the help of the dsp page. (I dont mind sending hardcoded values from DSP, i.e values are hardcoded in dsp page )

ie. Input1 and Input2 will get the values from the dsp page and this needs to act as an input to the service.

How can one do this?

could you please paste the dsp code here.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.