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[//]: # "Hi Experts, Im creating a DSP. Let’s say I have an input form name and address.
Can I pass the input value using this syntax %value name% and %value address% and display it on success page after calling a service?
Is there any other tag/syntax I need to add on my html form to display the name and address? Because when I tried on my html code %value name% and %value address% is not working.

Thank you.

PS: I’ve already checked the documentation and I want some clarification. Thanks!

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Correct DSP tag to use to display inputted details.

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Hi Michelle,
Always a good idea not to use the phrase “not working” in software. You need to be more precise, when you say not working do you mean that you are seeing explicitly "%value name% in your output, or no output, or something else ?

How is you service producing this output, are you formatting the output directly, are you using a dsp template ? Are you formatting the string in a map step with %value name% ?

Have you verified the spelling of name and address, because if they are not present in the pipeline then you will see just %value name% and %value address% in your output.


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Hi John,

Thank you for you reply. I added this syntax %value name% and %value address% on my DSP template but it is not retrieving it - means returning as blank only, no other value is displayed.

Hi Michelle,

please have a look at the DSP_and_Output_Template_Developers-Guide, which should explain all neccessary steps.
If this doesn´t help, please provide screenshots of the DSP definitions, the results when the DSPs get displayed and your services input/output signature.


Thank you Holger. Do you have a suggestion how we can debug it? I’m using the “Output tempate” section of webMethods to insert this codes - %value name% and %value address%.

do the following

  1. Add a savePipeline to beginning of your service.
  2. Then access the web page with the embedded service.
  3. Go back to Designer and replace the savePipeline with a restorePipeline step.
  4. Run the service in Designer.
  5. Check that you have both name and address in the results tab.

If you don’t have the values present at the end of the service, debug the service step by step and check the pipeline to see that they are added to the pipeline and not then removed. Also check spelling including upper/lower case characters and verify that the values are not empty or null.


Hi John and Holger, thank you for your suggestion. Im now able to display the result I need. However, I would like to ask if it’s impossible to display details from other server?

Let’s say I have two server nodes for QA environment, node1 and node2. For your reference, the service being called by the DSP is to expected to transfer files using the filemask. For example, I have 1 file in node1 and 2 files in node2.
Now, I am running the DSP in node1. The service can process all files from node1 and node2 but the output message only displays that files are transferred for node1.

To clarify, files for both nodes are getting processed - displaying of the list of files is the only concern.

Is it possible to retrieve those details from node2 if you’re running the DSP in node1?

Thank you.

What was the issue finally ?

Also what you ask is not possible directly from DSP, because the page are rendered by the server i.e. either in node1 or node2.

However, you could build a service that then calls either node1 or node2, depending on source, aggregate the results and then call that service from within your template or even the service that produces the template.