NEE with PAC

Hi. I need to extract Natural Source from PAC, but i receive this error message:
16:03:34 OBJ= VER=0000 Error calling Natural CEEDIP-N - *NAT0082

Can you help me?

Accessing PAC will require SYSPAC from FNAT as part of the steplib chain. Assuming you are running directly on the MF, does SYSPAC existing in your steplib chain?

I don´t use Natural Security. I put SYSPAC in SYSNEE Profile (STEPLIB=SYSPAC) used in all batch jobs. But it doesn´t work, yet.
SYSPAC is on MF and SYSNEE repository too.

In theory that should work.
Can you add a SYSPROF command to the step that is failing in order to see the steplib chain active during the execution of extract and also the line number reported in the error.

Ok. I changed LOGON000 (in SYSPACUS) to set STEPLIB´s and execute before the extraction and its work ok.
Thanks Brian.

Ok - Great!
Keep in touch if any other issues or suggestions!