Choose PAC Application


When a try to choose PAC Application, the screen stay in “Retrieving Data” and after I press “cancel” I receive the message:
“GENSEL-D (1888) Invalid response from PAC API: 7251”

See the screen sequence in attached file.

Can you help?

PAC 261 (MF)
NEE 621.7 (PC)
Windows XP

error_20110526.doc (401 KB)

The function is jumping across the SPoD link and executing the APINSEL API from PAC. The response 7251 means no matching data found.
First thing to check is the PAC LFILEs, the ACF and PCF. If you map to remote environment and type SYSPROF are the PAC files present in that environment and are they pointing to the correct place?
Other than that we would need to tracve the SPoD call but we need to do this via a support request.

Hi Brian,
I sent the problem to the support team (Brazil) and they found the solution:
In the PAC in System Defaults change the parameter Protection to N"
And all works ok.