APINMGEV returns with 7249

we have PAC 2.4.2 new installed (Natural 4.2.2 for Mainframes). There are no problems, if we submit migration events directly in SYSPAC. But if we submit the migration event by a Batch-Natural-Program the API APINMGEV returns with 7249 :?: and the migration event is not submitted. We have no idea, what 7249 means.

We use

  • APINMGEV (API-FUNC = β€˜A’) to add a new event :smiley:
  • APINOBLS (API-FUNC = β€˜A’) for the oject list :smiley:
  • APINAUTH (API-FUNC =β€˜A’) for the authorization :smiley:
  • APINMGEV (API-FUNC = β€˜U’) for submitting :frowning:

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

7249 if the event is an online one. this seems to indicate you have the β€œBatch/Online … O” flag set to β€œO” for online, but you submitting via batch. Check the authorization for the event.
Craig Soehnlin