necssary steps while upgrading wm8SP1 to wm8SP2

Hi All,

Please any one help to upgrade my environment from the wM8SP1 to wM8SP2

i have gone through the 8-x_webMethods_Upgrade_Guide.pdf document but let me know what are the basic steps need to take care and also let me know all steps to follow while upgrading, this is first time am doing upgrade, please help me on this.

Anil Kumar ellendula

hi all,

we are using almost all the components of wM8SP1 i.e

3.IS , MWS and Centrasite
4. CAF,Centrasite, Tomcat Server.
5. Blaze Advisor.
etc… all components of wM8SP!

Anil Kumar Ellendula

The documentation of 8-x_webMethods_Upgrade_Guide.pdf has clearly explained on how to perform upgrades to the latest webMethods version. You can refer to the documentation and follow step by step.

i already mentioned i gone through the 8-x_webMethods_Upgrade_Guide.pdf document, idid not understand briefly well i can say, please expalin me step by steps need to take care the upgrade.

anil kuamr ellendula


You should follow that guide step by step and the guide really explains step by step what to do.
If there is something specific not clear, please feel free to ask. But other than that it is hard to guide you through an upgrade on a forum.



in WMSP2 i check that database configurator components and database scripts with lastest service pack, do i need to run the latest service database component configurator scripts on wMSP1 database.

explain me the steps to handle the database of wMsp1 while installing wMSP2.

Anilkumar ellendula


This is not so simple. the upgrade guide does not state anything about it. The guide only says to run the DB configurator in case you installed new products.
But you can run the DB configurator in a catalog mode and list installed DB versions. After that you run it in print mode to tell you the latest version of the scripts available. If there is a difference you might want to run it in migration mode to update your DB.

To make sure what to do, you can also contact support.


Hi stefan lenke,

thanks for reply, i will do your steps, one more dought i have that before upgrading wMSp2 Over wMSP1 what are the steps i need to take care with respect to MWS and Analytic engine , prediction and webservice data collector

i mean my question here if i install wMSP2 ,will my environment setup in my webmethods Adminsitration console(Administration–>System-wide–>Environments-Define environment) corrupt(deployed environment set up)?

what are the steps need to tacke while upgrading my webmethods server , Analytic engine, predition engine and web service data collector and as well as .

upgarde document is not clearly specified about steps need to take care on MWS and All three Optimise servers and integration server and database.

and also not clrealy mentioned abt centrsite, some place it is mentioned that uninstall the wMsp1 centrasite setup and install the wMSP2

some place of the document specifed install over current centrasite setup without uninstalling wMsp1 centrasite.

i didnot understand cleraly about centrsite.

we are using centrasite as well.

Anil kumar ellendula

Any body please help me on this…

i check the upgrade document metioned that

If you are going to upgrade CentraSite, you will have to do the following:

chkprq.bat file has been downloaded from
nent_Downloads.lnk2/Default.htm#CentraSite. link and run this bat file from centrasite installed directory and installed the centrasite component from installer, sucessfully installed the centrasite and than i installed the other components. and ran th DB configurator has it mentioned above , after that what i need to do, please help on this.

anil kumar ellendula

I have upgraded the environment with below setup, please help I was done correctly or not

  1. I have taken back up of database,installed webmethods directory and my webmethods server configuration by export the environment.

  2. I have downloaded the chkprq.bat file from empower and run this bat file centrasite home directory.

3.8.0_installation_directory\MWS\server\server_instance\deploy directory and delete all .xml files

  1. started the SoftwareAgSP2 installer and given proxy setting installed the Centrasite component initially.

  2. After completion centrasite component and started the install over other components in wm8SP1.

(a)After completion of the components , I have ran the DB component configurator in a catalog mode and installed the DB versions
(b) After ran the DB Configurator in Print mode to know latest versions of scripts available
(c).there some difference in the scripts, than ran the DB Configurator in Migration mode.

Please help me anything am missing here.

Anil kumar ellendula

Hi All,

i have prepared the summary of upgrade wmSp2 over wmSp1 env document which is prepared on base of upgrade document,please find the attached in this post, please go through the step by step, i have some doubts

  1. is it must to Uninstall CentraSite
    If you are going to upgrade CentraSite, uninstall it. For instructions, see Software AG Installation Guide 8.0, with one exception: do not perform the steps to uninstall the shared components (Web Services Stack, System Management Hub, Tomcat Kit, and Java Development Kit 1.6).
    Important! Do not uninstall the shared components or you might experience problems. When you install products that use the shared components, such as ApplinX, EntireX,CentraSite, or Tamino XML Server, later in this chapter, the shared components will be upgraded automatically.
    Note: The uninstallation of CentraSite does not delete the Registry Repository files or, on Windows systems, the Windows registry entries that point to those files. When you install CentraSite 8.0 latest, the installer will detect the existing Registry Repository files and configure CentraSite 8.0 latest to use them.

please reply me prepared document is covering all the steps of upgration or any this missing.
anil kumar ellendula

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