NaturalOne - Extract Selected Subprograms Only - Natural IDL / Generate

In the latest version of Natural One -
you cannot select a few subprograms to generate - it now defaults to the entire library in a project (and going back cannot prevent).

While it may be beneficial to provide an entire library - and it could be used, we prefer to have ‘select’ groups of subprograms for our IDL usage. Could this be re-implemented please?
In previous version of Natural One, you could select the module first, then right click and extract the IDL, and only those sub programs would feature in the list.

(Yes I understand I could trawl through the list and select the few modules I require to serve this purpose, but when libraries comprise of 500+ subprograms and you are only after say 20 subprograms to extract the idl for, it makes it tough).

Below is an example (where we have unique entities - which are mapped to the same library [PRCO] in the .paths file)


We will need some more information about for this.
Could you please submit a new incident on Empower so we can closely look into it?


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