NCI 4.2 Source Library

We are trying to call a Natural subprogram from a COBOL program running under CICS. Apparently the NCI 4.2 Source Library has some sample programs that do this. How can I obtain this library? Our COBOL program is invoked as a web service so this may add an additional wrinkle. I believe this eliminates at least one of the possible approaches I have seen where Natural invokes the COBOL program first. In any case, I would greatly appreciate any help in producing a working instance of COBOL able to call a Natural subprogram. Thanks, Mark Bennion

You definitely got a copy of NCI42n.SRCE, otherwise your site wouldn’t have been able to generate the Natural for CICS components, so it’s just a matter of finding / knowing the correct HLQ for the dataset, usually the same as for the loadlib.