IDL Extractor for NATURAL

[img]I have setup a NATURAL RPC Server running on mainframe (VSE) with Broker also on mainframe.
When I try to connect and extract IDL I get a garbage screen. No error, no library listings.
I can ping Broker from my PC. I have added 4 libs to Steplib for SYSTEM: SYSIDL, SYSRPC, SYSEXT, SYSLIBS.
What am I missing? Thanks
Popup box says IDL Extractor for NATURAL as title. Body has a RED X and text "For input string “xxxx”. where xxxx are some weird characters.

Hi MIke,
maybe you forgot to enable conversion for this service in the attribute file.

If you have a supported Natural version, you do not need to configure STEPLIBs. To configure steplibs for IDL extraction is a really old thing. It was kicked out in EntireX 15-20 years ago. Maybe your setup causes the problem. Try a simple Natural RPC Server. As Rolf mentioned, keep an eye on conversion.
Regards Bernhard