Natural Upgrade --- V2 to v4

We are currently doing an upgrade — new clean machine z/OS 1.7 CICS 1.3.

Old == os/390 CICS - 1.3.

Does anyone have some guidliens for setting the PPT etc… in CICS on z/OS, Global Buffer Pools, Start Parms and the like.

When doing the installation we will be setting up 4 environments (same LPAR) for SysProgs, DEV, UAT, PRD… are there any special / critical paramters that we should take special attention to.

For performance on a small capacity MF is there anything that can be tweaked to speed things up?


  • if you are using Adabas as your database, make sure it is tuned - as high buffer pool efficiency as you can afford (large buffer pool) and minimize format overwrites by increasing LFP.
  • there are almost always things that can be done to make improvements - applications are typically the biggest areas. Review of descriptor usage, records read vs processed, etc - database monitoring (such as with Review) is helpful here.
  • use Natural Optimizing Compiler if you can - it will reduce CPU usage of the application programs
  • use the Natural Global Buffer Pool - it will reduce the load on your system file(s) and make the process of migrating updates from one environment to another easier.