Differences between Z/VSE and Z/OS

My company is considering a switch from Z/VSE to Z/OS. Can anyone tell me what differences we would encounter in Natural (both online and batch) and Adabas on Z/OS? The systems the company relies on to function are written almost exclusively in Natural so we want to be sure we know the impact before making this kind of switch.

I expect all your Natural code would run just fine, both on-line and batch; you won’t even need to re-catalog. JCL is a different story, of course. A switch of TP monitors might lead to problems - CICS has limitations.

But it is a move “up” from z/VSE to z/OS, so no problems to be expected.

When talking about CICS limitations, that would be an issue when moving “down” from z/OS to z/VSE.

I was thinking of a move from Complete under zVSE to CICS under zOS. I would not consider that a move up.

I experienced a similar migration - from VM/CMS to MVS & CICS. Definitely a downgrade from my perspective.

Sorry Ralph, my bad, re-read what you said, I missed the point behind “switch of TP monitors” as the OP didn’t mention such a thing, so yes, I agree with you here.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure if we are using Complete. I’ll check with our systems admin.

I know that we reference the 4-character terminal IDs very often, mostly to determine the correct location to route printouts. Do you know if we would be able to use the same terminal IDs or have to create and deal with new ones?

No, if you switch from CICS on z/VSE to CICS on z/OS it’s the same scheme, so no problems to be expected here either.

Same for COM-PLETE on z/VSE vs. z/OS, of course, absolute compatibility.