Natural integrate with .net

Hi all,
I like to use windows workflow foundation tehcnique in .net, but interface (dialog) in natural. The case is: pass data from natural dialog to .net(workflow), and .net(workflow) send back some response to natural…

To integrate natural with .net like the case above, am i need entirex wrapper to do it? or is there any others way that can fulfill the case above?

Thank you.

Am i correct that entirex wrapper is used to integrate natural and .net? i just read that from article, practically i have no use it and i don’t know how to use it and i don’t know how it work… and i don’t have entirex… but i am assuming entirex wrapper can allow natural communicate with .net and may can work to fulfill the case as i mention above. correct me if i am wrong. :roll: :?:

I haven’t worked with the workflow foundation or framework 3, but I have worked with the .Net Wrapper (uses framework 2) and succcessfully integrated .Net RPC Wrapper calls with .Net applications calling Natural on the back-end (Unix and Mainframe).

My expectation is that your scenario would work - I’m assuming that Framework 3 code can call Framework 2 code.

You may want to have a look at the EntireX Demo Zone at

There you will find 2 video demonstrations about your topics of interest:

  • Unlocking Natural
  • .NET Wrapper

Each of these videos is shorter than 10 mins and quickly give an impression of how things work.

Thank you for all your replies, i will look into it… :slight_smile: