MyWebMethodsServer is not starting

Hello all ,

When I am trying to start MWS it is not starting …I am using webMethods7.1 version. IS and developer are working fine. But the problem is with MWS…How to configure MWS to work…And I am using oracle database.

give me advise asap.

Thanks in advance…

Was it on Windows/Unix? Wasnt there any logs created after you start the server? That would be helpful in giving any suggestions though contents of server/default/config folder are my primary suspects. Check if they are corrupted including mws.db.xml file.



Also do check the Owner Id and Group ID of log files and config files.


First you have to create a new instance for this path --c:/webMethods/mws/bin>mws.bat new localhost:8585 then instance is created successfully a few minutes.After That we have to open the mws path like C:/webMethods/mws/server/default/bin/run.bat. then open a browser like localhost:8585 then mws is opened.