MyWebMethods showing error: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the msg


I’m using trial version of webMethods version and MWS version

I’m getting an error message in Monitoring → Integration → Services and in process instances as well.

[ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message. Could anyone please help to resolve this issue?

Sasikanth Balachandran

Hi Sasikanth,

is there a specific reason for using wM 9.10 with a MWS 9.8?

Additionally, can you provide a list of Fixes applied to wM 9.10 and MWS 9.8 (especially for Monitor and Monitor UI), please?

I assume that wM 9.10 also contains Monitor 9.10.


Hi All,

I am also facing same issue. Its keep on reloading when I tried to open any process instance. We are using 9.9 version IS and MWS. I observed below error in MWS log

2017-05-09 23:02:52 AEST (Framework:WARN) [RID:126883] - Error retrieving process instances from Integration Server.
2017-05-09 23:02:52 AEST (jsf:INFO) [RID:126883] - Analytic Engine Error. Read timed out
2017-05-09 23:02:52 AEST (jsf:INFO) [RID:126883] - Read timed out

I have tested all JDBC pool connections from IS admin page, all connections are working fine. Can you please help to find root cause and resolve the issue.


Hi Manikumar,

the information you provided is not enough for detailed analysis.

When Analytic Engine is mentioned, I assume you are using Optimize For Process.

Please check if IntegrationServer, AnalyticEngine, MWS, Monitor-Package, PRT-Package and Optimize-Package are configured correctly and that all the instance are up and running.
Please test if you can reach the ports of all these instances from each other by using i.e. Telnet commands. This is especially neccessary when they are not installed on the same box, but different boxes.


Hi Holger,

Issue is resolved. I’m using external RDBMS. Configured DB Instances using DB Configurator.

Thank you.

Sasikanth Balachandran

Hi Sasikanth,

How this issue has been resolved? Can you please share us as we are facing the same issue now?


Hi Bharani,

I’m using external RDBMS database for service logging in MWS. I got this error because I haven’t configured DB components into External DB.

  1. I just configured IS and MWS database components using DB component configurator tool into External DBMS.
    2)Then changed service logger destination to Database in IS Administrator under Settings → Logging
  2. Restarted the IS and MWS to reflect the changes.