MWS Will not start...No logs...

Hi there folks,

Ive been trying to start up this instance of MWS but it wont start.

Ive deleted old logs( which has activity) to see if it creates new logs but the default server doesnt even create any logs for me to give you guys an error message.

The MWS version is 7.1.2.

Im lost !
Any help would be monumentally appreciated.
-Scooby !

Im not sure why but I tried initialize MWS using this->./ -s default run

and it gave me all sorts of ORA-XXXX errors , once the DBA fixed it , i started it normally and MWS came up just fine.

Try bringing up the MWS from command prompt!

open a command prompt and go to the server instance\bin and do a run.bat. If there are errors then you will see it here.



Good workaround !
Thanks for Sharing Akki !

not a problem, so what was the issue for MWS not coming up and logs not being generated?


It was a bad DB Listener.