MWS webm_clusteruser problems


we have some problems with performance and requests, we monitored a strange behaviour depending the webm_clusteruser

Our Setup:

  • 6x MWS 7.1.1
  • 2x IS 7.1.1
  • 400 active user


  • sometimes performance issues during login process on the MWS (some minutes)
  • the webm_clusteruser have around 200 session on MWS (Session Monitor)
  • there are ~100k LDAP Requests per hour to resolve the webm_clusteruser (but this user doesn’t exists on LDAP, the search order in directory service: 1. system 2. LDAP)


  • What is the webm_clusteruser used for? What kind of requests? We know that it is used within a cluster to invoke services. Maybe some more details could help.
  • Why we have so many sessions with the webm_clusteruser? When we just have 100 active usere, there are only few session.
  • Why we have so many LDAP requests regarding webm_clusteruser, escpecially that this user doesn’t exists in LDAP.

Maybe you have some hints or experience with this issues.

Kind Regards

Could you check that in the directory services administration, in the sort order “system” directory is listed first and your LDAP directory second.


we also thought that it could be the sort order, we have:

  1. system
  2. LDAP

kind regards