Any one has the idea about to recreate MWS tabs (like integration, Service …) /import and export from similar version webMethods versions.

My MWS service tab got corrupted, so I thought to recreate it. But I don’t know how? Any suggestions on this.


I think you should try the option of ‘uninstalling’ specific User interfaces under My webMethods Server and ‘reinstall’ them… Do not uninstall the MWS server… Just the UI interfaces…



the MWS UI Component is “Monitor UI” for Integration, Services etc.

Remember to apply latest Monitor Fix to IS and latest Monitor_MWS Fix to MWS to keep it working.

If the Fix versions for Monitor Package on IS and Monitor UI on MWS do not match there might be issues.
See the appropriate Readmes for details.

Also check for latest DC_DBS and IS Core Fixes in this case as there have been some modifications recently.


Thanks guys for your info.

If I reinstall the UI interface, what happened to the existing settings (like define environments, serves, cluster) in MWS. whether I need to reconfigure again?

Is there any other away to get back this?


  • Krish

Hi Krishna,

“Define Environments” is not part of the Monitor UI, but the MWS UI (used by Optimize UI).
These informations are stored in the MWS database in the tables whose names start with “CCS_” (Central Configuration).

The information for MWS Cluster control is also stored in the MWS database schema as well as some config files in the MWS/server/default-directory.

Additionally it is a good practice to check the configuration after the reinstallation of the Monitor UI.


Hi Holger,

Quick correction to your comment. The “Define Environments” is not part of the MWS core. That is an extension provided by the Optimize and/or Monitor products.

Hi Eric,

thanks for correcting me, but you are not completely right.

I just checked one of my MWS instances which has only Monitor UI applied, but not Optimize UI and it is not showing the “Define Environments” entry in the navigation.

So this one is definitely part of the Optimize UI.

But for the database tables, these are always created together with other MWS-related tables (at least when selecting “Product MWS” instead of “Component MWS”).

Hi Holger,

Fair enough, I just know that the Monitor UI and Optimize UI products have their own set of portlets and a set of portlets that is shared by both products.

From what you say, it appears that this particular page is exclusive to the Optimize product.

My only point was that to get assistance for a problem that page, the questions should be directed to the right product team which isn’t the MWS core product in this case.

The BAM forum may be a better place to ask the question.