MWS portal down on one of two instances

Hello All,

In our application we had two instances of MWS hossted in production.
let’s say our productioon server is “robot”.
Two instances are hosted at 8383 and 8585.

So that we can access these by


We had one our portal down when we are trying to login say robot on 8383. but at the sametime robot on 8585 port is working fine.

We are not able to view the login page of robot 8383 while we are able to view the login page and can be able to login everything if working fine on robot 8585.

While we are trying to access robot on 8383 we are experiecing Page cannot be displayed.

So, ,do you have any inputs what have caused this issue . What action steps required to bring up the MWS portal on robot 8383.



It seems, the MWS server on this port 8383 is down. You can check the MWS server logs in IS installation folder for this particular instance and can see what happened exactly.

You can simply restart the MWs server for this instance. If you want to know the installation path for this particular instacne “8383”, you can get it from IS admin “about” page.


Thanks Satish,

U mean Working Directory that was available in the “about” paage in the robot 8383 is the installation directory? and the logs that were avaialable like “rfc12345_12345.trc.log” is the one that is holding this error logs.


Reg. the directory, yes… you can go to that working directory and then to MWS folder and then “bin”, so that you can restart your MWS server for this particular instance only.

But I am not sure about the log file name you mentioned, better to search if you can see any logs folder in MWS folder on this installation.