MWS migration utility on 9.8 failing with database version error

Hi All,

When I’m trying to run the migrate.dat from MWS/bin/migrate directory of 9.8 version, I’m getting below error

The database of the destination server “default” could not be determined. Reason: For input string: “45.1”

45.1 is the latest version of MWS database which is upgraded from 8.2.2 to 9.8 using Database configuration of 9.8. Latest Fix i.e. Fix14 is installed which on successfully migration of DB shown as below

Components successfully migrated

MywebMethodsServer 45.1

Am I missing something here, as I unable to proceed with migrate.dat script to migrate default instance of 8.2.2 to 9.8

Appreciate your suggestions.

This issue is resolved after installing the latest MWS fix which updated the DB version details in the migrated scripts.

Hi Firoz,

usually there is a remark in the readmes of either MWS or Database Fix (or both), that both of them need to be applied.