During Migration from 9.9 to 10.1 , MWS error as The destination is missing installed product "Business Rules"

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Can anyone please assist with this scenario. During upgrade from 9.9 to 10.1 we are getting the below error ?

occurred during the migration. Error message is Missing product components in destination /webm9/STUBS_101/MWS/…/MWS.

Continue with the migration? [Y]Yes or [N]No: Y
Migration continuing. The destination /webm9/STUBS_101/MWS/…/MWS may not contain the same installed product components as the source system.
All lib files will be migrated…
The database of the destination server “default” could not be determined. Reason: For input string: “v10.5.fix1”



it looks like the 10.1 installation is missing the Business Rules UI, which is present in the 9.9 installation. The migration utility tries to migrate all existing components from the old installation to the new one.

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