MWS failed to start after WM 9.6 free trail

Hello There,
I recently downloaded WM 9.6 free trail, I was quite happy to see that SAG provided MWS also in free trail.
My installation went through successfully. I can start Integration server and i can connect to IS Admin console, i can connect to IS even through designer. but having problem with MWS.
Whenever i start MWS service, after few seconds service is automatically shutting down.
and even i am not able to connect to MWS Console also.
Can some one please share some troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue.


Can you share the MWS logs.

Hi Mahesh,
I managed to find the temporary fix for the issue. I re-installed MWS with Embedded DB connection. Now i can start both IS and MWS.
After installation are there any settings to be done in MWS or IS console?
When i go to Administrator -> Business Process i am getting below error message.

Web Service Connection Error. Have a System Administrator verify the Integration Server settings at Administration -> My webMethods -> System Settings

and when i go to system settings and check for server status, it shows red dot before the server name.

When i check in IS Server logs i found attached error message.

am i missing any configuration?

Thanks in Advance

Check the file at the location MWS/server/default/portal.war/WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd

See if SAML service is added if not update it (MWS down) and restart MWS.