MWS configuration for 2 IS servers linked with TN running in cluster

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webMethods 10.7 IS & TN, MWS

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whenever we make a change (update) in MWS partner profile, change won’t reflect the same after some time or days. Every time we had to delete the existing configuration (external id / preferred protocol), save it. Then add new change and save. (direct update on existing external id / delivery setting / preferred protocol is not working)

we are using one MWS (http://Mws01:8585/services/SAML) connected to one data source (one database) in mws and 2 TN A&B servers are configured in mws.

On TN server A : MWS SAML Resolver URL is configured to http://Mws01:8585/services/SAML
On TN server B : MWS SAML Resolver URL is configured to http://Mws02:8585/services/SAML

Do we need to use same MWS SAML Resolver URL on both of our TN servers A & B ?

Please let us know if there is anything wrong in our setup ? or any sync is missing ?

This is a wild guess but perhaps the info in this doc applies:

The user making the change may need to explicitly log off for the change to be propagated.

But I’ve never used TN with MWS so this may not be applicable.


Imo it is not directly related to your issue, but yes. You should configure your MWS cluster(front end) url and saml resolver to be the same. I usually request a load balancer url for this purpose. The MWS LB needs to be configured as sticky session, otherwise the session cookie wont be shared between nodes. As documentation suggests, logging off after changing user data should resolve your real problem.

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I see there is no value set for tn.cluster.sync.remoteAliases= , I guess this might be cause for this issue.

documentation: Cluster Properties (