MWS and Optimizer Installation

Hi Friends,

My old MWS got corrupted . So we have freshly installed My webMethods Server(MWS) 8.2.1 .
I have also run the dbConfigurator so to create a new db schema for MWS. So that the MWS can point to new db created.

Please find below my following queries :
1.Should we have to re-install all the optimizer engines i.e Analytical Engines,Prediction Engines , Data Collector Services.?

2.I happened to view the configuration folder of Analytic Engines ,Prediction Engines.I happened to
see the JDBC pools in the Analytical Engines , Prediction Engines , these pools are pointing to the old database.

  1. Last and Final Question is that should we have all the optimizer engines, just because the db pools are pointing to that old database.?

Kindly help resolve the issues.


Vinod P.T.

MWS and Optimize have different set of tables. If you have recreated only MWS tables, you don’t have to recreate Optimize tables. However, in MWS screen, where ever you had configured analytic engine details, and other things etc., you got to do it again.

If it is a fresh environment, and you haven’t done much, would suggest to recreate those Optimize tables as well so you don’t have to do much reverse engineering.