MWS and LDAP Integration Issues


Currently I am doing MWS 7.1.2 and LDAP integration. In MWS we have central users configured and LDAP connection is created. A new role is created to which all the users from a particular group from LDAP are added and all the privileges are granted to this role.

Scenario:In IS, central user management is configured, tested and is working fine. In MWS, LDAP directory is assigned the top priority on central user directory. I am able to browse the users in LDAP from MWS using the LDAP connection. But I am not able to log into either MWS/IS/Developer using LDAP credentials.

The worst thing is I am not seeing any logs in MWS if the authentication request is coming from IS/Developer for the LDAP users. On IS logs, all I can see is ‘Access denied for user xxxx on port 5555’.

I raised a ticket with SAG but it’s not moving any faster. Does anyone faced such problem? Below are the fix levels on IS

webMethods, IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix33.jar

Thanks in advance

After a lot of trying I was able to crack this - the CA cert of the LDAP should be imported into the jvm’s trust store of all the Integration Servers for which central users are configured. Once imported both the MWS and ISes should be restarted and the connection works fine :slight_smile:


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