MWS 8.0: Cannot initialize MWS, invalid database schema is specified

I just installed wm 8.0. I can start IS without any problem. But getting this error when starting MWS by running MWS\server\default\bin\run.bat

Cannot initialize MWS, invalid database schema is specified

I test all the JDBC Pools successfully in IS.

I also cannot start Broker. Please advise.

Btw, the installation guide for wm8.0 is too short. I can’t find the sections for DB configurator. Any link for a better installation guide?


I am not really sure on WM8, but in WM7.1 there used to be a file in MWS config where you need to set Datasource and point to right DB manually from Backend. Can you pl try doing similar thing and see if it points to the DB and will be able to connect? Also, you might want to check the drivers that you are using in MWS.


Iengca, MWS uses the database url, you used during the installation wizard. After finishing the basic installation, you need to run the dbconfigurator tool, to create all database objects needed for the product. All these procedures must be done with all the servers down. After the database is created you can start Broker, IS, and then MWS. Wait for each server to finish initialization. If you stilll have problems with MWS, there’s a MWS.db.xml config file under the default server, that you can edit manually and then restart MWS. It uses JDBC-like urls. Usually MWS takes time to start so check the full.log until it says it’s finished.


yeh guys it is very easy to install n configure ur mws…

first open ur data base configurator…
n import the file dbconfig.xml from webmethod/common/db/bin/dbconfig.xml

next select drop n
nxt select my webmethod server
nxt set url of ur database
nxt username /password
n nxt execute…

u wil get result successfulll…

nw again
import config…same file…
nw select create
nxt same my webmethod server
nxt same url n username n password dnt change anything here…

Admin id/Admin password is same as username/password
create tablespace directory C:\oraclexe\oradata\xe…
nw execute…hope u will get successfull result…

den nxt go to command promt…
set path as
C:\softwareag\webmethod\mws\bin>mws -s default run

All The Best

From Mohammadsadiq and Amresh

You will also see this message if you have performed a combined IS/MWS installation and although you have configured the MWS database components, you have not yet started MWS for the first time. The first MWS startup creates a lot of data as components are installed and configured.

ya Exactly…The first MWS startup creates a lot of data as components are installed and configured…bit slow to start.