Multiple task inbox bar portlets for the same task

Is possible to define more than one inbox bar portlet for the same task ?

I have a task that is used by 2 groups of users with different requirements in term of search and display and would like to develop 2 different sets of portlets (inbox bar, inbox results, etc.) one for each group.

The task information for both is the same, the task assigns the task to either one or the other (but both can delegate the task to the other group)

When I try to create a inbox bar, I get a message that only one inbox bar is allowed by tasks.

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Hi Edgardo,

I think I have found a hint for your problem in one of my emails:

Task may have any number of portlets for details display, inbox bar and inbox results. However by default it has only one page for inbox to show up in MWS, that is why there is a warning when you attempt to create a new inbox bar/results. There nothing bad would happen to a previous portlet, but on the MWS page the newer inbox bar or result would replace previous one. At present task editor does not support creation and management of multiple inbox pages.

For the use case like yours you will have to create two separate MWS pages for both inbox types manually, by logging in as sysadmin and authoring respective pages. The following article on Advantage describes how to do that:

Hope this helps.

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It worked nice!.:slight_smile:

Here is a step-by-step process including how to configure the start page, etc. in case anyone else needs to do the same.

The assumption is that I have 2 different roles RED and BLUE and need to create for the same task two different sets of search, inboxes and task view (3 portlets). The creation of the portlets is not documented here as is documented in the Designer’s help. The task is named “Port In”