One inbox for all tasks


I am using Fabric 7 SP2. The designer allows you to create a Task Inbox Search bar and Inbox Results for each task. But I want to have only one Search bar and one inbox for all tasks.

I used the portlets available in wm_task_search - Task Inbox Search Bar and Task Inbox Search Results portlets on my start page. This displays all the tasks available for that user. But The Search Bar does not work i.e. if i change the Search query, the Search results portlet does not get updated.

The Search results portlet has a “Search Query” property that can be wired. But am not sure which property of "Task Inbox Search Bar " to wire it to. There does not seem to be any specific property for this.

Can you please tell me where I am going wrong?

Thanks & Regards

It is possible to make custom inbox to show all tasks instead of a single task type it was created for. If you explore the code for generated TaskSearchProvider (you may get there by double-clicking on the Task Search Provider node in the Bindings View for InboxResultsPage), in the constructor it specifies concrete taskTypeID to search:

Is there a way to show completed tasks in a custom inbox?

Unfortunately this is not supported. The only possible but limited workaround could be to use Task List Management type search by setting ‘searchInbox’ property of search provider to false

Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.