How to create Custom Task inbox


I have created one task with inbox and i am able to see inbox in MWS.
I tested the task by starting the task portlet and task getting queued in MWS task inbox.
now i want to show this task inbox in the web application. can any one tell me, how to do this?
also from web application if i click task id it should show task data also in web application itself means shouldn’t redirect to MWS. i am using webmethods 9.0.
please share some example portlet if you have so that it will be very helpful to understand.

First of all, are you deploying WebApplications to MWS?

If you want to deploy to a different container you should look into OPL (Open Presentation Layer) which is a new MWS 9.0 feature.

You can always modify the Wizard generated task portlets. As far as managing the redirects, by default the task results portlet (inbox) will create a link to the details portlet. You can change this configuration by setting some different properties on the inbox portlet:


And set those properties to the aliases of whatever page and portlet you want to use for your details portlet.
Hope this helps. --mark