MWS: Creating own Task Inbox


I have build three BPM-Processes. Each process starts a User Task. My goal is to build a custom view for a user. There he should be given the following options:

  • Start a new process instance → Done
  • An overview of all started User Tasks
  • In this overview it should be possible to click one Task and then get a detailed view of the Task

I’m using the Software AG Produkt Suite 9.1.

I know there are some build-in portlets but I was unable to build this stuff the right way. I also tried a search but I couldn’t find anything. I think it’s quite a novice question but I’m a bit helpless right now. Can someone tell me how to build this page or tell me where I can find the corresponding documentaion?

I’ve attached a small image to show you what I mean. Please excuse my english right now - I’m a bit tired right now :wink:

Thanks for your help and kind regards!

Refer to this link for steps to create user tasks:

To create a single task inbox for multiple tasks refer to this link : Custom Inbox for multiple task - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Hi Mervin,

thanks for your help! The step-by-step guide I already knew :slight_smile: but the second link seems to help. I’ll have a closer look and write if I have further questions.

Thanks, mate! :slight_smile: