Task Inbox Search Results Woes


I developed and deployed a process which contains one User Task. I used the default generated Task Inbox Search Bar and Task Inbox Search Results portlets. When I run the process, I can see from the “Task List Management” portlet that my User Task is correctly assigned to the intended approver (eg. approverA, who is an LDAP user). However, when approverA logs on, the Task Inbox Search Results portlet on his inbox, shows no results for approverA. If I update the assigned task to a system user (eg. approverB), I see from the “Task List Management” portlet that the assignment is updated. As approverB, when I go to the “Inbox” (which contains both the "Task Inbox Search Bar and Search Results portlets), I see the assigned task.

Why is the task not appearing for approverA? Is there a setting/configuration that I need to do?

Please advise.

Thank You.


As Administrator log into MWS and go to Administration->System-Wide->Permission Management. Select “Resource-Type”->Task, find and select the portlet task “implemented” in the activity of your process model.

Add the roles, users or groups, and assign the permissions.

Hope this help.



Thank You!