MQ Adapter (no queues found, can't connect in bindi


I have installed the MQ Adapter on IS v.6, running on the Solaris OS.

The queue manager runs on the same machine as the Integration Server.

The problem is that the adapter can’t
connect to the queue manager in the bindings
mode (without specyfying the hostname, and
the channel).
I get the following error message:

[BASMQSP.0004.0009] Queue Manager QMGR not found in Repository

I have checked that I can connect in the remote
mode (with the hostname, and channel name set),
but in this mode the adapter can’t find any
queues on the queue manager. The following error
message appears:

 No Queues found for QMGR

There is also a PCF exception:

[HTTP Handler] ERROR - PCF error: 
               MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2119

The MQ 2119 Reason code description is: MQRC_NOT_CONVERTED

Thanks for any suggestions.